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Sandhill Creations

Some of our favorite woodworking projects.  Our work is almost entirely custom work and can range from small 'crafty' items to larger furniture pieces.  The display below highlights the variety of possibilities.

Or how about the Hippo Project?

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Cat plaque - raised cats in 'puzzle-look' Cat plaque - raised cats in a 'puzzle-look'. Walnut Weather Station Walnut weather station. Magnifying Glasses Magnifying Glasses in Bacote, Tulip Wood, and Wenge.
 Turned Mallets Turned mallets for shop use with bench chisels, etc. Walnut Paper Towel Holder A vertical paper towel holder in walnut.  This is a bit oversized as the towels rolls are getting bigger all the time!  Leather Punch Box - closed Leather Punch Box - Open Box in Bubinga, finished in oil and satin lacquer - designed for Leather Punches. Shown in closed and open positions.
Director's Baton Case Baton case

Box for orchestra conductor's batons. The wood is Sapele, with Treble Clef inlay (tinted epoxy) and flocked interior.

  Chickadee in Marquetry Marquetry picture. The kit came from Woodcraft and included all the veneers necessary along with the pattern.   Router Plane Box Router Plane Box - open This is a box for the shop holding a Lee Nielsen Router Plane. The top has a veneer of just a nice looking piece of scrap wood and the sides are curly maple veneer. The red wood is Bloodwood and the black inlay is Ebony. The inside is flocked in blue.
  Large Bed Finial This is a Large Bed Finial (10-11" tall) reproduction. The owner could not find anything like it so needed one made. This required a joint effort along with a carving friend Dave Wood. I did the beginning turning and Dave carved out the beads on the edges - middle and bottom. Then it was back to me for the finishing - tough to match an original stain and finish. The original piece is on the right and the piece we made is on the left.   Stamping Ink Pad Holder  Rubber Stamp Cabinet

Holder for Ink Pads for scrapbooking stamps.  And cabinet to hold rubber stamps for scrapbooking.

Plant Stand  Plant Stand for Church outside alcove.  Made out of cypress to hopefully hold up to the elements.
  Knotty Pine microwave cart Knotty Pine microwave cart - designed to look like existing cabinets.  Too bad the color match was done from memory, but this was for my mother-in-law and she was thrilled with it.   Entertainment Center Entertainment center for large screen TV.  The customer wanted it to be made in the style of the existing trim work so it looked original to the house.  The ceilings were 9' and the unit itself is just over 7' wide.   Entertainment Center The entertainment center needed large storage for a good collection of DVDs and tapes.   So each of the two drawers are very deep with a floating box on top for additional storage.
IHS Plaque    IHS PlaqueHolder for plaque from graduating AIS students at Independence High School in Charlotte.  Will be sunk in the ground in front of the flag pole they donated.  The colors are IHS colors.   Bar Stool  Bar StoolsA trio of bar stools.  These were purchased because of the style but the customer couldn't find them in the right height.  So I added 4 inches by inserting contrasting wood (Bubinga) trimmed in ebonized wood.  The stools were then stained a complementary color and topcoated. Jillian step stool Jillian blocks Stepstool and wall-hanging blocks for little Jillian Alyse.  The stepstool has the middle name inlaid in 'gold' epoxy. The blocks have raised letters as in childrens play blocks.  
Small Finial  Small finial duplication. The one on the left was the original.  The duplicate had to be stain-matched, distressed and 'aged'.. Toy Train Table Childrens' toy train table.  Has 2 large drawers on each side and removable top.  Joshua step stool  Stepstool for little Joshua  Paul.  The name part is inlaid marquetry and uses Josh's middle name.    
Bathroom vanity cabinet Glass-door cabinet for bathroom.  This cabinet had to fit an alcove in the bathroom and was painted to match the color scheme in the bath.  The customer selected some nice 'waterfall' type glass for the front. Before:  Campbell Kitchen 

After: Campbell Kitchen Campbell Kitchen Kitchen modification.  The owner had standard oak raised panel doors and wanted a complete new look - one that matched the kitchen table and chairs, but still keeping an 'aged' look.  So we painted the cabinets brownish/red and black over top, sanding through for a  'rubbed' look.  Then poly for protection and simple flat panel doors, stained like the table. 


Corner shelf for binders Classroom shelves for 3-ring binders.  The binders don't sit very well on standard shelves, so round ones work out great.  These are portable and owned by the teacher so she can take them with her year to year as the classrooms change.
Inside fence for small dogs Sorry this is so dark - makes the little guys look like 'devil-dogs'...  This fence is hardwood and plastic lattice and custom sized for an interior doorway.  Just the right size for these pint-sized dogs.  The fence comes out of the supports for easier storage and the whole thing is painted with clear polyurethane over top.   Gavel Box  Gavel and Gavel Box  What started out as just a gavel became a gavel, sounding plate and box.  The gavel is bloodwood, ebony and granadilla.  The sounding plate is cocobolo and the box is brazilian cherry with bloodwood trim and ebony accents.  The top is quilted maple veneer.   Kitchen Range Hood  A custom-sized cover for a kitchen cooking range.  The owner did not like their stainless steel hood and wanted a cover which could be installed and later removed if needed and also matching their existing cabinets. 
Kitchen side table  This is a small apartment-sized table for kitchen.  It was custom sized for the owner.  As we failed to get a picture after the finishing, we hope to get one soon from the owner.   Table from barrel staves  Barrel stave table  

Table from barrel staves Table from barrel staves

The owner here started out with white oak barrel staves that had been saved for about 25 years.  Luckily they weren't bent in barrel shape, but did have edges cut on an angle.  The pieces were cut to width and glued together and trimmed to a custom table size.  The finish was a light whitish stain and coats of polyurethane.   The table was mounted on a steel base and looks great in it's final place in the house (bottom 2 pics).

PROP - Judges bench  PROP - Judges bench   Another unusual request.  This is a judges bench - prop - to be used on stage in a choral setting.  The bench is 'knock-down' so that it, at the push of a couple knees will totally fall apart during the performance.  Looked good and worked like a champ for many performances. 
Little Girl Picture from Old Trunk     This is pretty neat!  The customer found an old trunk with a picture of a little girl on it.  The trunk was trashed - totally worthless.  There was also no worth to the picture, but it WAS interesting, so we saved it and framed it.  And yes, your eyes are correct, the bottom of the mounted picture is not square.  The picture originally was out of square so we left it.  Crib to Full Size Bed Conversion     Here is a maple bed.  Not unusual in and of itself. However, it was originally a crib (plans called it a Conversion Bed - Crib to Youth Bed and then to Full Size) and was built by the child's grandfather.  Unfortunately, before the child grew into the full size bed, Grandpa passed away.  So we took the plans and created the Full Size bed.  The only original part was the crib headboard.  The tough part was matching the finish.  Brazilian Rosewood Turned Pens for Russ and Rich     I'm getting ready to visit a couple of High School chums (yeah - it's been over 40 years since we've seen each other!) and thought a nice present would be in order.  So I turned the Brazilian Rosewood parts of these Wall Street II pens and will present them to the guys when we meet! 

Last updated 08-25-2010