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Sandhill Creations


Some of our projects which include both repair and refinishing.  

A note on "restoration":  We do not do antique restoration.  Antiques have value associated with age and condition.  Refinishing or repairing of antiques can actually decrease the value of the item.  If you have valued antiques, please take them to an antique restorer.   However, if your item is valued solely for sentiment and/or you don't care about it's antique value, then repair and refinishing may be a great way to go to get a piece looking and functioning well again. 

Click on a picture to see a larger version.


Cane Chair Replaced the broken cane in this small chair.  This was done using pre-woven cane. Drop Leaf Table - Before    Drop Leaf Table - After  This drop leaf table had been stripped many years ago.  The stripping and cleaning was completed, a light stain applied and topcoat which was later rubbed out to a nice gloss. Small Kitchen Table  - BEFORE  Small Kitchen Table This small table, which was originally painted yellow,  had been stripped and stain attempted by the owners.  It did not come out like they had hoped (left picture).  It was sanded, pore-filled and then re-stained.  The finish is sprayed water-based lacquer.
Night Stand This night stand had been painted an odd green and gold paint on the edges. A drawer was provided from other furniture in the room so this one was to be finished to be as close as possible. It was stripped, sanded and a light stain applied.  Surface imperfections were handled and the result came very close to the provided drawer. Round Table Another piece that had been stripped many years ago.  It was cleaned up, sanded, stained and finished with shellac and French Polish on the top.  Irene's table  And yet another table which had been refinished and did not come out nicely.  The table was completely taken down to get at the folding leaf.  The top was sanded and stained to match the legs and a few good coats of polyurethane applied.  
 Small Chest    Small Chest  This piece started out life as a small bureau.  The front drawers were removed, a shelf added and the drawer fronts replaced but as fold down fronts.  The customer put back on their marble top and use it now as a TV base with electronics behind the fold down false drawers. Chair with bad frame  Chair with fixed frame Here is a common problem - a bad repair job.  This chair had a broken frame by the crest rail which was repaired long ago with glue and nails, but improperly.  

The area was pulled apart, the old repair cut out to make room for an inserted piece.  The insert was glued and the area restained and finished to match the rest of the chair.  

New Crest Rail Interesting assignment - create a chair crest rail.  The chair on the left was missing the rail across the back.  So, one was fashioned out of hardwood to match the other chair - including mortising the rail to fit both the side pieces and the middle board.  It was then stained and finished to match the rest of the chair.  The owners were going to paint the chairs anyway (so the match wasn't critical), but by giving them a stained version, they didn't have to proceed with that immediately if they didn't have time.    



Last updated 2-17-2009